Ode to Dissent: Contemporary South Asian Verses in English Translation

Edited by Ahmed Tahsin Shams and Dr. Amrita Sharma

Concept Note:

“It’s important to let the text speak, not the speaker. I believe the text is alive like a green plant. We just have to find the language to communicate, definitely beyond words.”

– Ahmed Tahsin Shams

With South Asia evolving and emerging as one of the most ‘linguistically diverse’ regions in the world, the subcontinent also remains home to a vibrant diversity of contemporary poets writing in these native languages. As translation continues to form linguistic bridges between these languages and a wider literary audience, we aim to bring together a compilation that addresses and explores the ‘author-poetry-translator’ dynamics in manifold ways. To create, counter, and correlate to the agencies of democracy in the creative ethos, we call for a thematic focus on ways that embark on a ‘dissent’ and its celebration.

This anthology aims at bringing together the works of contemporary South Asian poets in their English translation to a global audience. Along with the poetic text in translation, we encourage translators to provide a brief ‘Translator’s Review’ to add a critical dimension for the readers.

We invite poetry submissions translated into English by the original language author/translator from South Asia.
Submission Instructions:
a) The email subject must be “ODE TO DISSENT ANTHOLOGY_Author’s Name.”
b) All poems must be in a single Doc/Docx file and a brief biography of the i) Author and ii)
c) As a separate document, also attach the signed Translation Rights doc.
d) Attach a Translator’s Review document in 50-70 words mentioning the translation experience and a note of critical reasoning of the translation work.
e) Submit a minimum of three to a maximum of five poems in translations to blankvoices.publications@gmail.com, with a CC sent to  info@agproductionsbd.com
f) Please attach a photograph of the author and the translator in the email (not the doc file).

N.B: We also welcome self-translated works by the original authors. For any queries, please reach out to the submission email or info@agproductionsbd.com.
Submission Deadline: June 30, 2022
Tentative Date of Publication: October 2022
Publishers: Lulu Press (USA). Blank Voices (Bangladesh)
Global Distributors: Amazon Books (USA), Booksbaby (USA), Barnes & Noble (USA)


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