Samuel Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’ is remarkably well-known in theatre, but for the very first time in Bangladesh, the ground-breaking academic text is being adapted to Bangladeshi context in a pastiche approach mish-mashing Lalonism and literary-socio-political allusions where celebrated artistes Ahmed Rubel and Shahadat Hossain will be seen as the new Estragon-Vladimir (Gogo and Didi) duo renamed as Humpty-Dumpty.

The film expected to be around 30 minutes is scripted and directed by Ahmed Tahsin Shams, said a press release.

Regarding working on this project as the protagonist named Humpty, originally known as ‘Gogo’, Ahmed Rubel expresses, “The script is really challenging to perform and very well contextualized. I am hopeful towards the visual aesthetics as well.”